This wonderfully relaxing massage technique uses light pressure and smooth sweeping strokes to increase circulation, relieve tension, restore energy and create a sense of well being. This massage is perfect for those who don’t enjoy deep pressure or are new to massage.


Deep Tissue

Using strong pressure combined with a variety of therapeutic techniques to target underlying muscles, deep tissue massage is often recommended for individuals who experience consistent or chronic pain. These techniques are used to facilitate in releasing chronic patterns of tension, breaking up adhesions, reducing muscle spasms, elongating shortened muscle fibers, addressing and eliminating scar tissue, increasing range of motion, correcting postural issues and imbalances and improving range of motion.



Mothers-to-be need extra special care during their pregnancy. This massage is available after your first trimester. Prenatal Massage helps to alleviate discomfort to your changing body and to regulate fluid circulation. It is also great for stress relief which is now important for the two of you!



Improve performance and enhance recovery from sports injuries with this activity-specific massage. The isometric stretching combines cross fiber friction with strain and counterstrain techniques, making it perfect for pre- and post-exercise or sporting events.


Table Thai

Thai stretching is a great addition to the existing table massage treatment with a series of stretches and joint mobilization techniques to increase range of motion. This modality has all the benefits of Traditional Thai Massage but allows you to remain on the table. Similar to mat work, the therapist uses gentle rocking, rhythmic compression, Tapotement and passive stretching. Please wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement and stretching. 


Hot Stone

Smooth Basalt rocks are heated and incorporated into our signature full body massage. The lasting warmth of the stones melts away stress and tension while softening tight muscles. Healing, soothing and indulgent!


Inspired by ancient forms of eastern barefoot techniques, Ashiatsu is a western adaptation of barefoot massage. Through the use of parallel wooden bars above the table, the therapist utilizes body weight and bare feet to apply a deeply relaxing and therapeutic massage that helps decrease pain and inflammation.


Plant-derived essential oils are used to promote physical and psychological well-being. These oils can be inhaled or applied topically to stimulate the body's natural responses to facilitate a desired outcome. An aromatherapy session can aid in relaxation, reduce stress, relieve headaches, improve sleep, energize and much more.


Allergy & Sinus Relief

This 30-minute treatment incorporates a head and face massage, hot towels and basalt stones to relieve sinus pressure. Lymphatic drainage strokes, reflexology and essential oils are used to induce decongestion and headache relief caused by seasonal allergies.


Signature Foot Therapy

This 30-minute treatment includes a   soothing foot massage, exfoliating foot scrub, application of essential oils and hot towels that will leave your feet in a state of absolute bliss!


Seaweed Back Treatment

This 45-minute treatment refreshes and detoxifies using a nutrient rich Sea Kelp and Klamath Blue-Green Algae that encourages metabolic stimulation and aids in skin hydration. Extracts of willow bark, aloe vera and lavender oil will leave your skin with a vibrant, smoother and healthier appearance.